Doyle's 21st: Porn & Sugar Party

These photos have been stolen off Mikey and Amy. I'll scan mine one day in the (very) distant future.
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Amy as a prostitute and Jace as a pimp. Amy is attempting to reach for Jason's chodeling. Jason seems unconvinced she will find it.

A whip. Double points for Amy. Detail.

I'll buy that for a dollar.

Yongas getting his extremely enlarged penis licked by Amy.

Ditto above pictures.

Stuey the classy poolboy.

It took 7 photos before we got to me. Talk about priorities.

This is Yongas with his enlarged penis and its cause: his penis pump (which is actually a fish-tank cleaning pumpy thing). Gotta love home made. Its funny, dirty, and could be the next home craft project for the readers of Woman's Day.

Stuey's ex-girlfriend Emily. Came as a schoolgirl dressed in her old school uniform.

Blairsy be pimpin'.

Best photo ever. I'm getting this blown up to postersize for my wall.

Heh-heh. Damn kids. We are such lesbians, Court and I. Thats one sexy schoolgirl, I mean french maid.

For some reason looks like the chick from ABBA to me.

Mikey and his paper mache cock. Tracey is so turned on right now.

Yongas going the grope.

Jacqui and Joel. If I understood Jacqui right she didn't have a costume ready so she just wore normal clothes. Which is funny because it fits right in to the theme...?

*Shrugs* What Amy and Jace were doing in my room is their own business... and anyone who wants to watch my security footage of the event.


& Cake.

Happy Birthday to me.

I'm being punched 21 times. Yay.

I am so smart.... S-M-R-T.

Yes. "Happy"!?!

I touched the bottom so the 5sec rule was enacted on the girls at the party. Hey they were dressed sexy... not my fault. I'm only a man dammit.

Timbo. Looking oh so impressed by the events of the night. Chin up Tim. Your arse will be mine. Thrum me you beast.

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