Welcome friends to another age, another time. Welcome to "Aaron Doyle's Weird Arse Webpage". This site was launched in 1999 and has remained fairly faithful to it's original design and content. It's humour is dated, it's colours are painful and it's navigation is sometimes downright confusing.


This site is left here for nostalgia purposes. A tribute to a time where the average person could make a website without help from content managers like Joomla. A time when simple, poorly spelled, garish websites with flashing colours and random text sizes populated cyberspace. It’s still full of photos, insults about my friends, and of course my beloved mullet section.


So if you feel like a walk down memory lane, or want to catch up on those ‘hilarious’ jokes from the late 90s; please come in, relax… take your shoes off. Would you like a beer? How about a massage? I’ll just turn down the lights….


Here at “Aaron Doyle’s Weird Arse Webpage” we may look like shit, but we’re so thankful you’re here we treat our guests like kings.


From here on out it’s pure unedited, original webpage.


Would you like to enter the timestream? Destination: Early 2000s.






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